The Deck Of Many: 5e Reference Cards

Created by Cardamajigs

The Deck of Many is a series of 5e reference cards for Monsters, NPCs, Conditions and Weapons. The Deck of Many is a tool used to assist Game Masters in their role-playing campaigns, freeing them from traditional reference books and allowing them to only bring the references they need. Each card features original artwork and easy to reference information. Should we be successful, all funds raised from this campaign will go towards producing the 4 decks and other campaign rewards.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Fulfillment Update 99.5% complete + New Animated Spell Card!
6 months ago – Fri, Jul 20, 2018 at 01:01:15 AM

The last of the orders were shipped out last week, and we’re over 99.5% fulfilled! 

To date we've shipped over 2500 packages! But we’re still waiting on a couple of you to finish your surveys though, so if you haven’t received confirmation that your order has shipped, then there’s a good chance we don’t have your survey answers. The sooner you can get those to us, the sooner we can get your cards out to you! If you did answer your survey, and you still don’t have your order, please contact support at so we can help get your order to you.

So what's next?

I'm sure you're curious to know what we're building next. And I can confirm at this time we have over 10 new decks in development. From Monsters 4, to Campaign Decks, to a series of Animated Spell Cards! 

As you may have noticed, Kickstarter Backers packages came with the animated spell for Dancing Lights. Well the reception on that was so strong that we've got 5 animators working to produce a whack load of them!

And if you haven't seen it yet we actually just got our latest prototypes in, here's Fire bolt!

If you want to get your hand on this prototype we're giving it away as a additional card on our patreon here ( for the month of July if you pledge at $10. Which will also net you 10 new reference cards we produce this month, including the guest artist card Ancient Gold Dragon by Tom Babbey with free shipping worldwide.


Thank You!

The feedback we’ve been getting on The Deck of Many has been phenomenal, and we love that you love this project as much as we do. Thanks again for all your support. Oh and we've officially launched our website at, go give it a look and tell us what you think!

May All Your Hits Be Crits!
The Deck of Many Team

Shipping Update!
8 months ago – Tue, May 29, 2018 at 05:18:49 PM

Hey all, just wanted to tell you where we're at with all the shipping. 

The shipment got in last Thursday May 24th and we've been hard at work the past 6 days making all the packages as quick as we can.

A room filled with all your packages waiting to be shipped.
A room filled with all your packages waiting to be shipped.

To date we've: 

  • Made 100% Kickstarter pledges
  • Made 50% of the Backerkit preorders
  • Shipped 0 Packages

Why have 0 packages been shipped yet?

The choke point was labels. 

We have the addresses and everything ready to be turned into labels for Fedex, but are having issues getting the program to talk with our label printers. Once we get that resolved (we have a call with support today to get this resolved as yesterday was a holiday in the states) we should be golden as I have direct lines to all the shippers for when we're ready to ship and they plan on working with us in tandem to ship these out as fast as possible.

When will I know if my package has been shipped?

You should get notifications from backerkit when things have been shipped along with your tracking numbers.

Here's the timeline chart so you have an idea of when to expect your package after it's been shipped. We removed the dates as they were all estimates and this way you have a better idea when that email comes in.

ETA from when you get your shipping confirmation email
ETA from when you get your shipping confirmation email

Thanks again for being awesome, we can't wait for the package to be in your hands :D

May all your hits be crits!
The Deck of Many Team

Great News + 48 Hour Address Lockdown + Shipping Details
8 months ago – Wed, May 16, 2018 at 11:25:15 PM

Great News Everyone. We've Passed the Inspection and Should Have the Decks by Friday May 18th. Fulfilment Details Inside.


So I just got word that we passed the inspection and the package is almost at our doorsteps so we've triggered the 48 hour address lockdown in Backerkit. You should receive an email from Backerkit to finalize your shipping address if you haven't already.

We plan to work over the 3 day long weekend to prepare the packages for you as fast as possible. Here's a timeline of how we expect to do the fulfillment.

1) Delivery to us: ETA May 18th

The package has passed it's inspection and is en route to us. It's slated to reach Toronto today May 16th, clear customs, and should theoretically be at our offices in Ottawa by Friday the 18th. Worst case it gets to Ottawa on Tuesday May 22nd as Monday the 21st is a holiday in Canada.

2) Package Preparation

If the package comes in on Friday, over the weekend we'll be preparing the packages for shipping. We will be getting the packing supplies on Tuesday so we're aiming to have all the bundles ready to get tossed in the boxes and have the labels placed on them.

We have almost 2100 packages to ship. So this will take a bit of time. We have 5 people who will be hard at work making sure we can expedite the process.

We are aiming to ship out the packages by Friday May 25th.

3) Shipping Upgrade

We're working with Fedex and have worked out an amazing deal with them. 

We've upgraded all packages to be shipped FedEx Express!

According to the information provided to me the max any of you should have to wait is 5 business days to get the package from the fulfillment date! And all packages will be tracked.

4) Estimated Shipping Time

Here's the estimated delivery time from when we send the packages to Fedex. We've scheduled the first shipment for Friday May 25, and will have a additional shipment on the following Monday if we don't ship them all on Friday.
Estimated Delivery in Business Days
Estimated Delivery in Business Days

5) Thank You

We want to thank you for the opportunity to be able to create The Deck of Many for you and hope that you love the product as much as we do.

We're really excited to finally be able to share with you this project that we have poured our hearts into over this past year and a half. Our team is not done yet though so keep an eye out for future The Deck of Many projects!

May All Your Hits Be Crits,
The Deck of Many Team

Shipping Update: Customs Has Our Package
9 months ago – Tue, May 01, 2018 at 07:51:38 PM

Dear Supporters,

I am very sorry, disappointed and frustrated right now. I know there have been unexpected delays in shipping the product, and we have come up against another one.  

This last Thursday (April 26, 2018) we got notification from the shipping company that the shipping container containing the Deck of Many is undergoing a “marine container inspection” and is currently in the hands of the customs.

We're updating you now because we wanted to get a concrete timeline before we came to you as to when customs would be done with our package, and the best estimation is that the shipment will be delayed by 2 weeks due to the inspection.

What does this mean? Obviously, shipping will be delayed. Currently we are expecting to ship the decks in mid May.

We will send out an update when we get word that the package has been released.

Also, if you haven’t already heard, the Deck of Many, and its sister company, Cardamajigs, were planning on being at Ottawa Comic Con in early May, with the decks. Due to these unforeseen circumstances we will still be attending the convention but will not have the decks on hand. We had really hoped to officially launch the product at the con.

In order to make it up to all of you in a small way, I would like to share with you some extra cards we plan on shipping out to our backers.

1) Customs Officer

To make light of the situation Jordan drew up what he envisioned was happening over at Customs. An oaf of an Orc trying to decipher what The Deck of Many is.

PDF Download

2) Animated Spell Cards

Now this one we've been working on for a while now. Using the power of lenticular lenses we've created an animated spell card that shows the spell in action! For now we've got Dancing Lights, but plan to flesh this out to include many others. We're also in talks with a variety of animators to help this project come to life.

PDF Download (static version)

In better news, we are very excited to officially announce our sponsorship of Zee Bashew, a Youtuber who is doing the Animated SpellBook Series. You can check out his fantastic work here:

Again, thank you for understanding, for your continuing patience and support.

May all your hits be crits,The Deck of Many Team

PS. If you're still having issues with Backerkit and making sure your address is correct please PM us or go to as we haven't been getting all the notifications with your questions. But if you PM us or email us at we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

It's Time To Finalize Your Shipping Addresses!
10 months ago – Tue, Apr 03, 2018 at 05:38:13 PM

Hey All,

It's almost that time, the package is en route to us and it's time to get things finalized.

I'm sure most of your addresses in Backerkit are correct but we wanted to notify you all that you have 2 weeks to finalize your shipping addresses so when we get the run we can ship them out to you asap. We'll also be sending out a 48 hours lockdown notice before we lock it up.

What Else is New? We started a DnD stream!

 Six strangers torn from their home material planes and tossed into a place where the wicked and the divine mix and mingle, and where believing strongly enough in something can actually change the fabric of reality...

Lost on the Great Road is a 5e D&D campaign that takes place in the beloved Planescape campaign setting, a place of feuding philosophical factions, and adventures that can span the heavens and hells of the D&D cosmology, and everything in between. Get caught up with our first episode (, then join DM Jordan (artist and co-creator of the Deck of Many) and a cast of crazy characters, every other Monday evening on twitch (, starting at 7:30PM EST.

That's all for now, thanks again for your understanding with the print issue from last update. We can't wait to get it into your hands.

May all your hits be crits,
The Deck of Many Team